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  • alive-accolades-svk-poster

    Alive (2016)

    Zolko is dead. It’s the first anniversary of his murder and anything can happen… The final short film of Zolko and the epic conclusion of the entire series, framed for the first time in 2.35:1 …

  • scream

    Scream Queen (2015)

    Dafné just doesn’t give up and still wants to kill Zolko for dumping her. This time she gets a surprising ally on her side and it looks like she may actually succeed… Our first attempt for …

  • What Goes Around

    What Goes Around (2014)

    Dafné – the discarded mistress of Zolko – is trying to hurt him by stealing a dinosaur egg from the museum. Yes, she is crazy. This project is very special as it features the original music …

  • Saving The Day

    Saving the Day (2012)

    Starring Zolko Farkaš as the superhero character and Maťa as the cunning art thief. Will our hero be able to save the day this time? Watch the video and find out! Disclaimer: We do not …

  • Selection of shorts

    The goal in making Zolko’s films was always making them better than the last one in terms of story and various technical aspects. While you can only watch the best ones on this website, you can find the rest of his filmography on his YouTube channel.

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